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On Monday April 23, 2010 I received my first Mac. The new 2010 13” Macbook Pro. The specs are as follows:
13-inch: 2.4GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB Memory
320GB hard drive
SD card slot
Built-in battery (10 hours)
NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics

I have a hard time finding something wrong with this beauty. It really is amazing. Lets get to it!

WOW! What else can I say? This design is simply revolutionary. Sure, it’s the same design as the last generation but it is still awesome. The aluminum case is sleek and is well…sexy. Everything just blends together so well.

Keyboard and Touchpad-
The keyboard is awesome. They keys have this odd touch when I press them that makes them satisfying to touch. But the real difference maker here is the trackpad. I love it! The multitouch gestures just make everything so easy and it is a pleasure to scroll on. Compared to my old HP laptop it is like heaven.

Display and Sound-
While looking at this laptop in the Apple store I was never to impressed by the display but I can definitely say that it is not an issue at all, in fact, it is a delight. While it is not the best display I have seen there is no doubt that it looks good. The sound has been great also with nice low lows and high highs.

This Macbook pro includes the following ports:
Two USB2 ports
One mini-display port
One SD card slot
One audio in/out jack
One Ethernet port
One Firewire 800 port
One Magsafe port
While there is a good selection of ports I feel that Apple should have included one more USB port and not been a money hogger and included a HDMI or VGA port instead of the mini-display port.

Apple really hit the nail on the head for this one. This is by far the best webcam I have ever used on a laptop…or at all. Not only do you get this great webcam but you get Photobooth to go with it. What is photobooth you ask? It is an application that comes with your Mac that allows you to take pictures using your iSight. It comes with numerous effects to make your pictures look unique. The iSight is a great part of this Mac.

While I am not a gamer I do feel like I can give a fair assessment. So far the Macbook Pro has been plenty fast and I have not had any graphic issues. I am in Photoshop every day and that has been perfect, and I have not run into any other issues. I have also viewed full HD video’s and that has worked fine.

Heat and Noise-
If I have one complaint it is about these two things. While the heat and noise level haven’t even begin to compare to my old HP laptop they are stronger than I expected. Even while running simple task I can hear the fan going. While it is not too strong I don’t enjoy the extra noise. The same goes for the heat. Even when running simple applications like right now as I am typing this the heat is there. While its not bothersome it is still surprising.

Apple has stated the built in batteries found in these 13” Macbook Pros will last about 10 hours and their life will be 1,000 battery cycles (one full charge). Does the battery live up to these two criteria? I can’t speak on the second one but one the first I can say that of all of the laptops I have used this by far has the best battery life. While doing just normal internet browsing and iTunes on full brightness I have gotten about 6 hours. While this is not up to the 10 hours that Apple stated I can complain. I man I did have the brightness turned up all of the way.

So is it worth the steep price tag for the mediocre specs compared to PCs you could get for a similar price? Yes! The design in itself is amazing and more than you get the best OS on the market with it. I honestly don’t know what else you could possibly ask for.

OSX 10.6-
Yes, I know that this review is about my Macbook Pro but I couldn’t help but to include this section. The elegance and simplicity of it is so amazing. When you have something to do I find it much more easy to focus on than windows xp/vista/7. OSX 10.6 is something to drool over.

If you have the money you should definitely consider buying this laptop. I have never had a computer experience like this. It has the perfect mix of battery life and performance, something that is hard to find in most laptops. While you could get a better specked PC for the same price you have to ask yourself… are the specs worth the operating system and hardware?

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iPad pre-order customers will be receiving their iPads on Friday. Also, they will be available in retail stores by 5pm on Friday.


While I don’t have an iPad I feel like I have spent enough time with it that I can make a constructive review of it.

First things first. Do I think the iPad could be used as a primary laptop? No. It doesn’t have a physical keyboard (even though you can purchase one for it), it doesnt have flash in Safari, and you really can get that much done on it. Does this mean that I don’t think the iPad is a fantastic machine? No!

Even with these flaws the iPad is still amazing. It has an ebook reader which in my opinion is above all else, it has hundreds of thousands of apps, and it has the quality of an Apple machine.

The iPad is much better than I anticipated to be and I would defiantly recommend it.


On Friday, WebOS hackers figured out a way to get a X.Org Server running on the Pre. Whats this you ask? What it does is allow for porting from Linux to WebOS. While this isn’t available for average users just yet it could mean a large increase in apps.


For anybody reading this planning on buying the new Zune HD 64bon April 12th now you dont have to wait. Microsoft started selling them today at Go get your Zune on!