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Big Site News!


Maxthetechguy is officially moving to! I will keep you informed of the move through twitter at Also, I will update this post when the site is live. EDIT: It’s up! Advertisements

On Monday April 23, 2010 I received my first Mac. The new 2010 13” Macbook Pro. The specs are as follows: 13-inch: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB Memory 320GB hard drive SD card slot Built-in battery (10 hours) NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics I have a hard time finding something wrong with this beauty. It […]

Hi, I just have some site news. I am now available for help and advise about anything tech. If you email me or twitter dm me

iPad pre-order customers will be receiving their iPads on Friday. Also, they will be available in retail stores by 5pm on Friday. -Max

While I don’t have an iPad I feel like I have spent enough time with it that I can make a constructive review of it. First things first. Do I think the iPad could be used as a primary laptop? No. It doesn’t have a physical keyboard (even though you can purchase one for it), […]

On Friday, WebOS hackers figured out a way to get a X.Org Server running on the Pre. Whats this you ask? What it does is allow for porting from Linux to WebOS. While this isn’t available for average users just yet it could mean a large increase in apps. -Max

For anybody reading this planning on buying the new Zune HD 64bon April 12th now you dont have to wait. Microsoft started selling them today at Go get your Zune on! -Max