Today Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4.0. They focused on seven new features which I think are great improvements. So what are we waiting for? Lets get to it!


This is what Apple considers to be the biggest improvement in OS 4.0. While I think they did a good job with it I don’t think that it even scratches the surface of what WebOS does with multitasking. So this is how they implemented this. When you are in an app, if you double click the home button a bar will pop up looking like this…

As you can see, it’s nice but not perfect. You can scroll through all of your open applications on this bar. One thing that caught me by surprise was said during the interview session at the end was that there is no way to close apps completely. I found that this was odd because if you have more apps open it will obviously slow down the iPhone. I have only seen the preview of this so there might be more coming, but so far I am not too impressed.

Backround Pandora Streaming-

There is nothing too exiting here but this is something that was heavily needed. Basicly what this does is allow you to listen to Pandora in the background, just like the regular music app in OS 3.0.

Skype in the background

Just like Pandora, this can become very helpful. In iPhone OS 3.0 whenever you wanted to do something else on your iPhone you would have to go offline in Skype. Now you can be on Skype and do something else at the same time. Very cool.


Now this is pretty cool! What you can do is make an icon in your dock such as games and put all of your games in that folder. When you open the folder it would look like this..

I have a feeling that this will defiantly be a popular feature. It really is a great way to organize your apps.

Mail improvements

Apple has finally added the one thing that every business user has begged for… unified inbox! This means that you can now have your personal and business emails together with it looking like..

Apple also added the ability to organize by thread.

iBooks for iPhone-

This is just what you think it would be. It is simply the iPad iBooks app for the iPhone. You can sync with your iPad.  Nothing new but it was really needed


This was a really anticipated announcement and Apple really delivered. What it basically is, is, those little interactive advertisements you see on the internet inside apps. This was a smart move because developers get to promote without taking the app users out of the apps itself. I know I would certainly be more interested in clicking on an app if I didnt have to launch an external application.

Game Center-

Yes, yes I know I said seven but Apple considered this big enough that it should get its own category. So what this is is Apple own interpertation of  the Windows Phone 7 Series  Xbox live intergration.  It allows you to complete achievement on iPhone games, do online matchmaking, invite and make friends, and look at leader boards. Pretty cool right?

Ok, so all in all I really like this update. I think it will really make the iPhone even more popular than it already is (yes that is possible). I know really isnt missing much and it will continue to be the most popular phone on the market.



While I am a Palm Pre user I defintaly keep up with all the Apple talk. Tomorrow, Apple will be unveil iPhone OS 4.0 at an event held at Apple’s Cupertino campus. The event will start at 10:00 AM PacifiC. There are many new features expected in OS 4.0 such as true multitasking and a new home screen. New iPhone should be announced at WWDC in June.

I am personally also expecting them to unveil an updated Macbook Pro with Intel’s new i5/i7 processers. I have been looking forward to these for a while as I will surely be buying one.


EDIT: If you would like a live stream of the event you can get that here

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